Historical 3463 Tech Specs

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Locomotive 3463, acquired by CSR through the generosity of its former owner, the Great Overland Station of Topeka, Kansas, is a large Midwestern Hudson or 4-6-4 locomotive and features 84" driving wheels. CSR will completely rebuild and modernize the locomotive, doubling its thermal efficiency, converting it to burn biocoal.  ATSF 3463, as a testbed locomotive of CSR, will pave the way to new technologies and research to be used in the development of a new passenger steam locomotive.

 The table below outlines characteristics of locomotive 3463 as built in 1937 by the Baldwin Locomotive Works:

Category Statistics 
General Classification 4-6-4
Service Passenger
Fuel Oil
Tractive Force, lbs. 49,300
Weight in Working Order, lbs. 412,380
Length, Overall, ft.-in. 102-6.75
Length, Wheelbase, locomotive and tender      88-8
Boiler (Nickel Steel):
   Diameter, in. 88
   Working Pressure, lbs. (Designed)  300 (310)
Firebox (Standard Firebox Steel, Grade B):
   Length, in. 132
   Width, in. 108
   Grate Area, sq. ft. 99
   Thermic Syphons  2 (95 ft2)
   Cylinder Bore, in.  23.5
   Cylinder Stroke, in.  29.5
 Driving-wheel Tread Diameter, in.  84
 Capacity of Tender
   Water, gallons   20,000
   Oil, gallons 7,000