New Passenger Steam Locomotive

modern steam

CSR is pursuing the design and manufacture of a new passenger steam locomotive targeted at Higher Speed, Passenger and Commuter operations.  This new steam locomotive will be unlike any steam locomotive that came before it in that it will be cleaner, quicker and cheaper than current diesel-electric passenger locomotives.   

There have been roughly 60 years since the last major steam locomotive developments, a time in which materials sciences, combustion engineering, boiler engineering and biofuels research has progressed significantly, aided by modern computer modeling. 

Taking modern research that CSR and its partner organizations have developed, CSR will conduct developmental research will on a 1937-built express steam locomotive, number 3463CSR acquired the locomotive from the Great Overland Station in Topeka, Kansas through a transfer of ownership in late 2011, and it intends to rebuild and modernize the locomotive as a testbed, categorizing and identifying modernizations and technologies through the application of select advances that have been developed in the previous 60 years.  The data developed will be used by CSR to engineer a prototype, new-build modern passenger steam locomotive.

CSR would like to make clear, though, that a modern steam locomotive will not resemble its testbed; rather that locomotive will be a modern, computerized, streamlined prime mover designed to meet the needs of the passenger railroad industry at least with respect to:

  • Meeting all Government Safety and Emissions Regulations (FRA & EPA)
  • Following All Relevant AAR & APTA Standards
  • Single Person Operation of 1 or More Locomotives, Including in Mixed Consists with Diesels

  • Fully Automated Boiler Control
  • Capable of Push-Pull and Multiple Unit (MU) Operation

  • Bi-directional Operation at Full Service Speed

  • Dynamic Brake Capability (Counter Pressure Braking)
  • Axle Loadings
  • Clearances
  • Horsepower Rating
Increased Range to Passenger Diesels
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs Compared to Passenger Diesels
  • Climate Controlled End-cab Including Railroad Industry Standard Cab Amenities
  • Streamlined Carbody
  • Modular Design / Construction to Ease Maintenance
  • Advanced Adhesion System / Traction Control
  • Wide Range of Speed and Load Capability
  • Service Speed Limit

CSR's newly-designed passenger steam locomotive will fulfill the needs of the passenger railroad industry, exceeding the expectations of the industry on issues including performance, emissions and maintenance costs, all the while having lower life-cycle costs than diesel-electric passenger locomotives.